MUFON MD & DC Meeting 1/17 Saturday 12PM to 2:30PM


11:30AM Doors Open
12:00PM Socializing and Lunch
12:45PM Peter Resta will Talk about last and this year’s MYSTERIES Conference
1:00PM  Guest Speaker:  Michael M. Hughes
2:30PM Questions and Answers


Author Michael M Hughes

Author Michael M Hughes

On January 17th. Saturday, MUFON MD and DC are delighted to welcome the author Michael M. Hughes whose topic will be “UFOS: Beyond the Paranormal and Personal Encounters with the Unknown”

Michael M. Hughes is a Baltimore-based writer of fiction and nonfiction. His debut novel, Blackwater Lights, was released by Random House in 2013, and the sequel, Witch Lights, was just released in 2014. When he’s not writing, Hughes speaks and holds workshops on UFOs, the paranormal, the Tarot, and other topics. Much of his fiction is based upon his real-life experiences with the paranormal and the unexplained. For updates on his writing, classes, and talks, you can get access to his website at:

As always, we welcome guests to attend who are interested in becoming new MUFON members.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you again!

Meeting Location:

Bill Bateman’s Bistro
Address: Lochmanns Plaza Shopping Center, 566 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, MD 21146
Click here for Directions
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2015!

Aerial Phenomena is hosting another virtual UFO conference – LIVE – on Youtube


Fellow UFO researchers, etc.
From: ANTONIO PARIS <> wrote:

Date: January 4th
Time: 3:30 to 5:30pm Eastern Time

This virtual conference is a must! We have exciting topics to cover by both API and MUFON. Below is the link to the conference.

Following guests include:

1-Antonio Paris, Director of Aerial Phenomena, Planetary Scientist, Professor of Astronomy
2- Robert Miles, along-time Ufologists, film producer and director.
3- Devlin Rugne, MUFON Assistant State Director for California and Star Team member
4- Tom Carey, Anthropologist, Author of Witness to Roswell and Inside the Real Area 51
5- Larry Lowe, MUFON-LA Field Investigator and Commercial pilot
6- Lawrence McNeil, Aerial Phenomena Investigator for the UK and Computer Expert
7-Thomas Wertman, MUFON Ohio State Director and STAR Team Member
8-Marc Dantonio – MUFON Photo Analysis Expert
9-Maurice Earl Osborn – UFO Researcher

This conference will be on Youtube via Google Plus. If you want to participate rather than just view, you MUST have a Google account, computer with camera, and headphones.

Don’t miss this VIRTUAL conference! We will be taking questions LIVE!

Please RSVP by clicking Yes you will attend.