Aerial Phenomena is hosting another virtual UFO conference – LIVE – on Youtube


Fellow UFO researchers, etc.
From: ANTONIO PARIS <> wrote:

Date: January 4th
Time: 3:30 to 5:30pm Eastern Time

This virtual conference is a must! We have exciting topics to cover by both API and MUFON. Below is the link to the conference.

Following guests include:

1-Antonio Paris, Director of Aerial Phenomena, Planetary Scientist, Professor of Astronomy
2- Robert Miles, along-time Ufologists, film producer and director.
3- Devlin Rugne, MUFON Assistant State Director for California and Star Team member
4- Tom Carey, Anthropologist, Author of Witness to Roswell and Inside the Real Area 51
5- Larry Lowe, MUFON-LA Field Investigator and Commercial pilot
6- Lawrence McNeil, Aerial Phenomena Investigator for the UK and Computer Expert
7-Thomas Wertman, MUFON Ohio State Director and STAR Team Member
8-Marc Dantonio – MUFON Photo Analysis Expert
9-Maurice Earl Osborn – UFO Researcher

This conference will be on Youtube via Google Plus. If you want to participate rather than just view, you MUST have a Google account, computer with camera, and headphones.

Don’t miss this VIRTUAL conference! We will be taking questions LIVE!

Please RSVP by clicking Yes you will attend.