UFO update ⋅ February 25, 2015

Greetings From the 2015 International UFO Congress
Neither the Obama administration nor the states nor Congress is taking aggressive action to fix a potential problem with the Affordable Care Act, even …

The Time a UFO Invaded Los Angeles: UFO Diary Recreates the Great LA Air Raid of 1942
Huffington Post
UFO Diary also honors the contributions of the 350,000 women who served in the US military in WWII. The film tells the story of a Women’s Army Corps …

Georgia family encounters hovering triangle UFO
Open Minds UFO News
A Georgia family at Augusta encountered a hovering triangle-shaped UFO along Furys Ferry Road and drove under the object for a better look, …

Battle Of LA: UFO Diary Re-Creates Los Angeles Alien Invasion 1942
Neon Nettle
For all UFO enthusiast and UFOologists alike, today is the 73rd anniversary of the Battle Of Los Angeles otherwise known as The Great LA Air raid, …

FW: VA MUFON Meeting this Saturday Feb 28th! March Meeting Set

FREE MEETING ~ VA MUFON Meeting at Logan’s in Fairfax: Saturday, FEB 28, 2015 ~ NOON to 3:30 ~ EATING AT NOON ~ MEETING AT 1:15PM

Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant (Garage Room)
12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy, Fairfax VA

Join VA MUFON for their first meeting of the year with our dear friend Ed Hruneni opening for us. He’ll bring lots of video shorts to share as well as those raffle tickets we all enjoy. This meeting Ed will be treating us to a special presentation of a look at Fatima: Close Encounter of the Third Kind? This may be somewhat controversial, but so is the entire subject of UFOs.

Chinese Rocket Body Disintegrates over North America

Space Weather News for Feb. 24, 2015

Last night,
Feb. 23-24, observers across the western half of North America witnessed a
spectacular cluster of bright lights in the sky.  It was the re-entry and
disintegration of a Chinese rocket body.  Coincidentally, a geomagnetic storm
was in progress at the time and more than one photographer caught the rocket's
debris cutting across curtains of Northern Lights.  Visit
http://spaceweather.com for photos and more information.