UFO NEWS update ⋅ February 21, 2015

Who says there’s no such thing as UFOs?
The Northwest Florida Daily News
Gulf Breeze entrepreneur Jeff Kane, who owns the global consulting firm W3 Group LLC, started the UFO Board Company in October of last year.

Oklahoma witnesses describe two UFOs near ground level
Open Minds UFO News
The father and son witnesses at Ada, OK, first noticed two UFOs silently hovering under 300 feet near their property beginning about 9:32 p.m. on …

UFO hovering above beach turns out to be a radio controlled seagull
Western Morning News
It read: “I can confirm that the ” UFO” in the photo was my great uncle’s Seagull RC Plane with a camera. The photos are of before and during flight of …

UFO” mystery at Cornish beach is solved
The Cornishman
“UFO” mystery at Cornish beach is solved

It’s not a UFO… It’s a bomber?

Obama aide John Podesta Tweets That he Regrets the non Disclosure of UFO Docs
Huffington Post
NASA had been stonewalling and refusing to release its records concerning a significant 1965 UFO incident in Kecksburg, PA. Many witnesses …