Hubble New Image for its 25th Birthday 4/25/2015

IMG_4184IMG_4191The new image is a Gaggle of new stars. Our universe is active, not stagnant. It is alive.

Seating for Astronauts is what I want to hear. Our Hubble specialist that proved that Space is more diverse than our dreams.

Rick Linehan astronaut who serviced the Hubble was on the fourth mission to service the Hubble Telescope

Sharon from SMD “How do you wrap your mind around all of it.”

Arron Strong Astrophysicist provided the introductions.

Lauren Shcriber Astronaut who brought the Hubble up to its space in space.

in 1990 Charlie Bolden was the Shuttle pilot, and Lauren was the Commander for deploying the Hubble. Deployment was not easy, solar sails did not unflod, lens configuration, there were many “11th Hour” decisions. Failure was never an option.

They never thought the Hubble would not last this long, 15 years maybe. Now 25 years later  on  4/24 the Hubble still provides new insights to our place in the Universe, or multi-verse.

The Hubble Heroes helped Hubble to survive a quarter century. It process over 10 Tb of information every year of new data. It provides our known space in space.

No other telescopes has spurred more imagination then the Hubble. There is still more out there to discover.

In 2018 the James Web Telescope will be launched and will expand our search even more for other planets.

John Grunsfield: The detectors in our cameras and i phones were all from the research that created the Hubble. Another purpose of the Hubble was to discover black holes, and help unravel the creation of the universe. The universe is expanding not slowing down to what we expected.  The Hubble is a story of finding solutions to extraordinary problems.  “I love to be in Space”  In 2009 when we were replacing the camera with a digital camera, the bolts froze. Time to be creative in space.

John Grunsfield:: When we launched Hubble, we had no idea how beautiful and the impact of Hubble.

Charlie Bolden: Hubble is not just a telescope, it is an observatory. It is the “Peoples Telescope”.  From the Hubble challenge to repair, has provided new tools for almost every space walk.

IMG_4180John Grunsfield Pilot and worked on repairing the  Hubble.Commander Loren J. Shriver. STS-31, who brought up the Hubble in 1990. Who loves talking to the kids and watching their eyes open up when they hear the word “Hubble”.

IMG_4193 The real Hubble Heroes are those scientist that will have to interpret the extraordinary data and photos that lay ahead.