UFO News 03/30/16

PICTURED: UFO fleet over THE SHARD? Mysterious objects snapped in the capital


DOES this picture show a fleet of visiting UFOs hovering in the sky by London’s iconic The Shard building while scores of people are unaware below?

UFO hunter claims the Sun has a giant ‘secret door’ to allow safe passage for mother ship – International Business Times UK

Columnist Cheryl Costa examines UFO Sightings from the perspective of Congressional Districts.

Syracuse New Times

Currently, former White House chief of staff John Podesta has been advocating that Hillary Clinton get to the bottom of the UFO disclosure story if she’s …

More Pulsating UFO Orbs Reported in NH


According to the National UFO Reporting Center, since January, unidentifiable lights have been reported in Bow, Milford, and Salem, with flying …