UFO update ⋅ March 30, 2016

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Packers quarterback and friends see UFO

Last week, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made headlines when he recounted a UFO sighting during a radio interview. This week, a …


Teen arrested over stolen ‘UFO‘ found smashed to pieces after CCTV footage showed it ‘being taken’

A teenager has been arrested following the theft of a a ‘flying saucer’ which was stolen from a world famous UFO museum. The missing silver disc was …


The Mutual UFO Network Tracks Close Encounters, Searches for Truth and New Tech

A few weeks ago, a scientist with the U.S. Department of Defense came forward with details about a UFO he claimed to have seen during a trip in …


Local man claims UFO hovered over Las Vegas Sky

It was April 16th, 2014 when he says he saw his first UFO. “Until it happens to you, once it has and when you see one up close it just changes …


Local man claims UFO hovered over Las Vegas Sky

Aliens are after Russia, more specifically they’re after its leader. Weird footage has just been released showing what appears to be a UFO hovering …

Open Minds UFO News

Triangle UFO reported gliding over Columbus sky

An Ohio witness at Columbus reported watching a silent, triangle UFO, that appeared to be translucent green moving under the cloud

Delaware witness videotapes square UFO

Open Minds UFO News

A Delaware witness at Wilmington reported watching and videotaping a pulsating, square-shaped UFO low in the sky and moving toward the north, …

The Inquisitr

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photo Shows Mars Rock Carving Of A ‘Running Alien,’ According to UFO

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered carvings on Mars rock depicting a “running man,” or more precisely, a “running Mars alien,” who may have …

Cave paintings spotted on Mars by keen UFO seeker – Market Business News

‘Cave paintings’ spotted on Mars: Nasa images reveal unusual carvings of ‘running men and … – Daily Mail

Intelligent Aerospace

UFO lands in residential area

The bright white orb whips past a residential area before disappearing near the ground in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFO enthusiast, Steven Barone …

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