Sighting Report (75991) has been submitted today (April 22, 2016).

Sighting Report (75991) has been submitted today (April 22, 2016).

tate/Province: Maryland
County: Caroline

Date: 2016-04-05 14:00:00
Date Precision: approximate
Time of Event (Local Time):
Timezone GMT Offset: -0400
Timezone Name: America/New_York
Time Precision: approximate
Duration of Event:
City (Nearest): preston
State: Maryland
County: Caroline

Short Description of UFO Event: about 2 in the afternoon i witnessed what initially looked like an air plane but flew very slow and quiet and very low to the ground. was also able to hover and change direction quickly. made almost no sound . it sound like air being compressed as it move

Detailed Description of the UFO Event:
I was standing in the kitchen when I first witnessed what looked like an airplane descending from the air and I was afraid. I started to yell something. I think I was yelling something about the plane about to hit the trees. I thought it was going to hit my poplar trees. they are about 80 feet high. but before it hit it abruptly slowed down and maneuvered away from the trees with perfect agility. and then ascended back up into the sky. it was very quiet. the wind that day had been louder than the “plane” then about 20 minutes later I wanted to go out and see if there were anymore low flying planes. then not more than 1 or 2 minutes past and another plane quietly and slowly flew by me at like 25 mph and was about 15 feet off the ground I think I could have touched it if I were directly under it. and it made a strange sound like air being compressed and released.  then this one too flew back up over the trees and back into the sky .

They both looked like a cigar shape. they had two wings on either side with what looked to be turbine type engines underneath, one on each side. I saw no windows. it was about 50 to 60 feet in length much larger than our average crop dusting plane and much quieter as well. they were both a dull grey with no writing anywhere. my first reaction was very upset I thought military guys were messing around my house. I called my husband home from work I was so upset. he told me it was impossible for them to be so quiet and move the way I was describing and I realized I may have seen a ufo. I have been looking on the internet for a similar “plane” and cannot find one. I hope you may be able to help me understand what I saw. thank you.

Robert Hastings to Appear on Coast To Coast AM: Noted Researcher Will Discuss His Just-Released UFOs and Nukes Film

 Robert Hastings to Appear on Coast To Coast AM: Noted Researcher Will Discuss His Just-Released UFOs and Nukes Film

Although my recently completed documentary, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, has been available at Vimeo On Demand for the past few days, the official launch will take place this Sunday, April 24th, 2016, when I am interviewed by Emmy Award-winning journalist George Knapp on his Coast To Coast AM radio show.

Link above:

The film is the culmination of decades of research into longstanding, widespread and ongoing UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites, both in the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. More than 150 U.S. Air Force veterans have gone on-the-record about UFOs hovering over, shutting down—or even temporarily activating—nuclear missiles, as well as directing laser-like beams down into nukes storage depots. These nearly unbelievable incidents have occurred hundreds of times during the Cold War era and beyond, according to the ex-military witnesses.

The shocking, ominous developments have been hidden from public view undoubtedly due to the U.S. government’s grave concern over the identity of the unknown entities piloting the super-advanced UFOs, the reasons for their provocative actions against nuclear weapons sites, and whether those actions are meant to benefit, or threaten, humankind.

I will be discussing all of this at length on Sunday’s Coast To Coast program and take questions from interested listeners.

Once again, my film may be rented or bought at Rave reviews include those by UFO Truth e-zine editor Gary Heseltine, who called it “The best UFO documentary I’ve ever seen,” and Frederik Uldall, director of the Exopolitics Denmark group, who wrote that the film is “Absolutely brilliant! Definitely one of the top five UFO documentaries of all time.” California resident Donna Fritz added, “A must-see documentary. Hastings knocked it out of the park!”