UFO Daily update ⋅ June 12, 2016

A Massive Alien UFO Military Invasion Fleet Just Flew In Tactical Formation Past Earth, Conspiracy 

UFO hunters have claimed an “earthshaking” discovery of a massive alien UFOmilitary invasion fleet that flew in tactical formation past Earth, and …

Mystery ‘Orange Plasma Orb’ UFO Filmed Over Vancouver Sparks Controversy — Alien UFO Or

Charles Lamoureux, a veteran UFO hunter from Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, reports capturing a mysterious “orange plasma orb” UFO …

Little Girl Got Scared of UFO; Aliens filmed on Camera


The strange shaped UFO appeared over Melbourne, Australia yesterday and has since gained worldwide attention. The experts at SecureTeam have …

Woman Claims to See UFO Hovering Over Detroit

Student Operated Press

“A Detroit woman says everybody thinks she`s going crazy — but she is standing by what she saw hovering above her home on the evening of Friday, …

Chester Martin Remembers UFOs

The Chattanoogan

Yes, I’ve seen at least three or four UFO’s, but they were totally un-dramatic and low-key. I was alive and in my early teens when, in 1947, the big (and …

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