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Maryland is a hotbed of UFO activity! Here are some of the more interesting reports that we’ve received along with photos(printed with permission)

UFO case Ocean City, Maryland

Attention: these photos are NOT the original photos – they have been reduced to download on the web quicker!

Maryland UFO Ocean City

enhancement of 4 pointed ufo from Ocean City Maryland

The second photo is an enhancement of the first photo.

From our own Maryland State Director:

On the way to Carroll County Airport (15 miles west !) from our 1st Maryland Mufon meeting, held in the 9000 block Baltimore National Pike, I snapped 4 shots of this.

Rolling road looking north at Security Blvd. I noticed this at a stop light. Jumped out and got camera out of trunk. This object caught my attention as it was hovering.

Altitude est 1500-2000 feet agl. It has 4 distinct protrusions out all sides.

I shot it with Sony Power Shotsx1015 . This was the closest first shot through windshield of car. We pulled off asap and I shot 3 more.

We followed noiseless object about 3 miles north speed estimated at 30 mph. No noise. Object on a straight line trajectory at times motionless consistently ascending. Winds at Carroll County 160* @ 5 knots. This objects trajectory was on a 330*-360* heading. As a commercial jet approached (160*-180* heading)on a divergent course (at Rolling and Windsor Mill), object just vanished. I was passenger in front seat of vehicle and had visual contact with object at all times.

Camp David restrictions were in effect 45 miles NNW. This object was in the outer Class B veil of BWI 2500/10000 See attached pictures. (This object’s trajectory would have put it very close to our meeting area at the time. Just putting that statement out there.)

This case will be deposed by David and Don . I am the State Director for Maryland Mufon. Therefore would prefer unbiased investigation.

Since this report we have been receiving a lot of followup reports from Ocean City. We’re also investigating a number of reports from the Baltimore/Washington corridor. If you have
any information please contact one of our investigators:

Don Borton – Frederick

David – Baltimore/Washington Corridor

Ron Fink – Ocean City/Eastern Shore

UFO case #1 (IFO)
three bell shaped objects
This photo (modified here) was sent in as a UFO report – of 3 bell shaped white objects with a 4th black bell shaped object. The photo
was taken in Maryland, around April 5, 2009. The location was in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
Mufon investigators Ron Fink and Don Borton took the report and began investigation. David took the digital photo for forensic
Through that forensic examination it was determined that the objects were helicopters (military or coast guard). There are actually 4 shown in the image
in a banked turn.
This is a very good example of an unusual circumstance that we examine.
It’s also a great example to discuss a bit about taking UFO photos – it is VERY helpful if the photo submitted in the UFO report is an untouched original. In this
report we did not receive the original photo but were still able to pull details out. However, the original is very important, especially if the object(s) cannot
be easily identified. Look for an article by David shortly on how to take a good UFO photo.

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