DC MUFON Chapter UFOs and NASA  SATURDAY, June 11 2016

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  • Saturday, June 11, 2016


    Great Falls Library

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  • NASA and UAPs (UFOs) DC MUFON Chapter

    Tadd Buffington Speaker UFOs and NASA

    About Tadd Buffington 

    Tadd Buffington worked at the United Nations in NYC starting in 1989 he started as a Political and Budget Analyst in New York, Vienna, and Geneva. At the U.N. He worked across from the UNOOSA, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (www.unoosa.org.) At UNOOSA he met with Dr. Richard Hoagland during his U.N.  presentation the “Face on Mars”.  This expanded his curiosity even more about the search for life in Space. ` Mr. Buffington pursued his interest based on physics and aeronautical applications including quantum and astrophysics. In 2002 he began his work with Kennedy Space Center in Florida. For the last 15 years, he has been a Senior Engineer, freelance photographer and Chief Solution Architect with NASA. Mr. Buffington returned to Washington, DC in 2006 and worked with NASA Headquarters. In 2015 he was invited to work at Goddard Space Center as a Senior Engineer.  Tadd has interviewed Astronauts and scientist who with their telling experiences, have provided him a unique balance of insights into Unexplained Ariel Phenomena and the search for life in space.


    ·  Masters Aerospace Engineering, with minor in space studies,  Embry Riddle, FL

    ·  Masters in International Management from Thunderbird American International Graduate School, AZ

    ·  AA degrees in Psychology, Political Science, Speech and Communication

5/8/2016: In-person TV’s Hangar-1 Ben Moss and Tony Angiola: 1964 Socorro Landing Evidence






Sunday  05/08/2016:

DC MUFON Meeting Ben Moss and Tony Angiola from the TV series in person

Topics: Since January of 2015 Tony and Ben Moss have been working with Ray Stanford and Chris O’Brien on releasing new-found photographic evidence from the 1964 Socorro landing that was witnessed by Office Lonnie Zamora and seen by many others that day. With the help of researchers like James Fox and Rob Mercer, Ben and Tony have pieced together new evidence from Project Blue Book and the National Archives never seen about this case.

Click on the following link for more information:
wikipedia: Lonnie Zamora Incident aka Socorro Incident


  • 1PM Meet & Greet and Case Updates
  • 1:30 PM Ben Moss and Tony Angiola
  • 2:30 PM Q&A

Speakers Bio:

Ben Moss is a Cast Member of Season 2 of Hangar 1 and the Chief Field Investigator for Virginia’s MUFON. Mr. Moss has been with MUFON for almost 25 years. Mr. Moss has been a speaker at several UFO Events, and is currently working on an article for the MUFON Journal.

Tony Angiola is a Cast Member of Season 2 of Hangar 1 and the Senior Field Investigator for  Virginia’s MUFON. Born in Aguadilla, P.R., Tony has an interest in the many fascinating UFO cases reported from the island. He is also an Advanced Certified scuba diver with a strong interest in USOs and hopes to one day focus on researching and investigating cases involving the sea. Recently, Tony was in L.A. with Ben filming season 2 of the show Hangar 1 and learned about some of the great USO cases in the west like the suspected undersea base in Malibu.

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