MUFON needs You!

MUFON needs You!
Dedicated in scientific research for the Truth

If you are curious about Ufology, or you have had an unusual encounter that you want to understand better, join the MUFON Maryland chapter. You can provide your insights and share your observations with like-minded members. MUFON members are dedicated to provide objective and scientific research for a better understanding of sightings.

Membership in MUFON Maryland gives you access to a high quality and respected monthly journal, the MUFON UFO Journal; keeps you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the field; offers you information on conferences and meetings in your area, region, and nation.

MUFON MD provides you with an opportunity, through meetings and conferences, to rub shoulders with others who are like-minded; gives you the opportunity  to become personally involved by taking on an important position of responsibility within the State organization. Everyone is a potential Field Investigator. Maryland MUFON is looking for Field Investigators to train and become a Certified MUFON Field Investigator.

MUFON has been in existence since 1969.  We are the only civilian UFO reporting organization that has field investigative capability in all 50 states.  There are currently over 26,000 sighting reports in our files.

If you are an abductee/experiencer this is the organization for you and we welcome you. If you are interested in any of the possibilities open to you as a MUFON member, contact the State Director at  To join, go the and click on “Join MUFON”.

Join MUFON and bring your interest, experience, and expertise to MUFON Maryland .

You Need Us…We Need You.