Articles from Proceedings of TREAT II: Anomalous Experiences & Trauma: Current Theoretical, Research and Clinical Perspectives, 1992, Edited by Rima Laibow, MD; Robert N. Sollod, Ph.D.; and John P. Wilson, Ph.D.. Dobbs Ferry NY; The Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma.

Chapter 1. Bauer, Henry H. Problems in the Scientific Study of Anomalous Experiences. p. 5.

Chapter 2. Laughlin, Charles D. The Relationship Between Evidence and Belief. p.11.

Chapter 5. Bullard, Thomas E. The UFO Abduction Phenomenon: Past Research and Future Prospects. p. 59.

Chapter 6.l Bullard, Thomas E. The Curious Coherence of UFO Abduction Report – – Evidence or Illusion. p. 93.

Chapter 7. Ring, Kenneth and Rosing, Christopher J. The Omega Project: A Comparative Study of Some Antecedents and After Effects of Near-Death Experiences and UFO Encounters. p. 113.

Chapter 8. Laibow, Rima E. Clinical Discrepancies Between Expected and Observed Data in Patients Reporting UFO Abductions: Implications for Treatment. p. 113.

Chapter 9. Nyman, Joe. Collection and Current Status of EAT Reports Involving UFOs. p.145.

Chapter 10. Niemtzow, Richard C. Physiological and Radiation Effects from Intense Luminous Unidentified Objects. p. 157.

Chapter 11. Maccabee, Bruce. Are UFOs Real? Evidence in the Physics. p.167.

Chapter 12. Pritchard, David E. Physical Analysis of Purported Alien Artifacts. p. 183.

Chapter 19. Swords, Michael. Reflections on the Study of Anomalous Trauma. p. 315.

Articles from the Journal of Scientific Exploration (in order by Volume/No/) [Note: These articles are freely available in pdf format at http://www.scientificexploration/journal/articles.html . Under Research, click on Articles, then on Past JSE.

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